About Us

The Aperture Group provides exceptional images and video to our clients, but that is just the beginning and while the quality of our work is important, we think it is only part of the story.  We understand photography and videography, but more importantly, we take pride in investing the time and effort to understand your brand, your offerings, and your unique position in the marketplace.  Beyond imaging, we have a baseline knowledge of science and technology that sets us apart from many imaging providers.  Our principal has degrees in Physics and two decades of professional experience in science, medicine and engineering.  Like many, we can produce stellar images and video; but we can also understand the science you bring to market and use that to guide our work.  If desired, we can share our knowledge to help you shape your marketing and we have a wide-ranging base of knowledge and eclectic variety of expertise that empowers us to be rapid and effective problem solvers.

Want to learn more?  Get in touch and learn what a difference understanding can make.